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Item No.

Shinto Wakizashi

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Shinto Wakizashi Shinto Wakizashi
Length Whole Koshirae 61.5cm Blade 42.0cm Mihaba(Moto 2.85cm Saki 2.1cm) Kasane(Moto 0.7cm Saki 0.5cm) Sori 2bu
Hamon (Temper) Notare and Gunome mixed
Kitae small flaw and hairline forging mark(Kitaeware) almost not visible and doesn't spoil this blade
Era Middle of Edo around 1750 era
Fitting Beautiful Wakizashi Koshirae.No Kozuka.Set of Fuchi $ Kashira. Solid Sukashi Tsuba.Good quality silver Habaki.
Signature Original Mumei
Description Tiny flaw appeared after full polish.This is why this blade wasn't submited Shinsa but should be able to receive Shinteisho certificate. Overall excellent piece for price.
Price $1470.00 Enquiries