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Shimada Yoshisuke Koto Wakizashi

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Shimada Yoshisuke Koto Wakizashi Shimada Yoshisuke Koto Wakizashi
Length Blade length 38.2cm.Strong Sori 5bu. Motohaba 3.2cm Sakihaba 2.8cm.Motokasane 0.7cm Sakikasane 2.8cm.
Hamon (Temper) Large atrractive Gunome.
Kitae Well forged Mokume. No flaws but there is one small hard to see forging line.
Era Genki period(1570-1572)
Fitting In Shirasaya fully polished and in excellent condition.
Signature Original Mumei and ubu Nakago.
Description Omote is Hirazukuri and Kurikara curved on blade. Ura is Naginatazukuri. It is quite an unusual blade to see Omote and Ura in different shape entirely. NTHK Certificate
Price $3465.00 Enquiries