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Owari Daido Wakizashi Shobuzukuri

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Owari Daido Wakizashi Shobuzukuri Owari Daido Wakizashi Shobuzukuri
Length Whole Koshirae is 60cm.Blade 37.5cm.
Hamon (Temper) Large Notare and Gunome nicely tempered.This blade has Yakidashi.
Kitae Well forged Itame and Masame also observed.No flaws at all.Very good Jihada.
Era This appears to be good quality Koto but observation of Masame in Shinogiji,should be appraised as early Shinto era. Keicho(1596-1614)Kozuka was made by Ishiyama Mototada during Kanbun-Kyoho(1661-1684)
Fitting Only Saya has been re-laquered otherwise all from Edo periods original excellent condition. Quality Fuchi & Kashira and very good Menuki.Silver double Habaki.
Signature Ubu Mumei.
Description Good example item for middle class up Samurai's Wakizashi.
Price $3675.00 Enquiries