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Aizu Kanetomo Shinshinto Wakizashi

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Aizu Kanetomo Shinshinto Wakizashi Aizu Kanetomo Shinshinto Wakizashi
Length 30.6cm.
Hamon (Temper) Gunome-midare. Lots of sunagashi and strong nie.
Kitae Flowing Itame-nagare. Strong visible jihada and no flaws.
Era Ansei era(1854-1859)
Fitting In Koppa-maki Shirasaya. Double silver Habaki.
Signature Original Mumei. Certificate by NTHK with this blade.
Description 4th generation Seki Kanesada moved to Mutsu during Koto period and continue making blades up to Shinshinto periods.
Price $2310.00 Enquiries