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Ohei-Bizen Tsuneie Koto Wakizashi

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Ohei-Bizen Tsuneie Koto Wakizashi Ohei-Bizen Tsuneie Koto Wakizashi
Length 54.5cm in blade. Whole Koshirae 75.5cm.
Hamon (Temper) Gunome-midare half way up and beautiful Gunome-Choji around Monouchi.
Kitae Mokume and flowing Itame well mixed.
Era Eikyo era(1429-1440)
Fitting Koshirae was newly prepared for this blade nearly 30 years ago. The set of Dragon Fuchi, Kashira and Menuki.Dragon Echizen Tsuba all in set. Unohana (creamy white) Tsukamaki nicely done to match dark colour Kodogu.
Signature Original Mumei.Appraised as Tsuneie by NTHK.
Description This is typical character showing as Ohei-bizen blade.
Price $4950.00 Enquiries