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Soshu Kunihide Wakizashi

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Soshu Kunihide Wakizashi Soshu Kunihide Wakizashi
Length 46.5cm. Total length of Koshirae from Tsuka to Kojiri is 95.5cm.
Hamon (Temper) Gunome.It shows typical strong Soshuden Niedeki temper. Lots of beautiful Sunagashi in temper proves skill of this sword smith.
Kitae Very tight evenly forged Koitame without any flaws. Perfect. Sakikasane is still thicker than other part of Kasane, which means this blade has never been used or polished since it was made. Just like it was forged yesterday.
Era Kaei san nen hachi gatau. One day of August 1850.
Fitting This is order made Wakizashi, fits into beautiful Koshirae without Tsuba. All original and perfect condition. Amazing part is all fine decorations on Tsuka and upper part of Saya are inlaid metal (Shakudo) and inside of thousands of tiny inlaid metal lacquered in various colour just like fine China. It must have taken timeless work. This must be ordered by very high class Samurai or rich business person to be able to afford such high skilled work as well as good smith. Even Koshirae itself without blade fine example of Edo periods craftsmanship.
Signature Soshu ju Kunihide. Kaei San Nen Hachigatsu Bi.
Description In full Japanese polish and NTHK certificate issued 20 years ago.
Price $16000.00 Enquiries