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Zenjyo Chikanori Shinshinto Wakizashi

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Zenjyo Chikanori Shinshinto Wakizashi Zenjyo Chikanori Shinshinto Wakizashi
Length Whole Koshirae length is 58.0cm.Blade 35.5cm.
Hamon (Temper) Notare type of Gonome midare.
Kitae Typical Shinshinto Hada and very tight Ko-itame.No forging flaws at all.
Era Keio(1865-1867)
Fitting This is all original Koshirae.Gold inlaid well made Kashira and Tsuba.Kozaka attached.Kizamizaya including Kurigata in black and rest of Saya laquared in redish brown and black mixed.Very strong fine Koshirae.
Signature Originally Mumei.Appraised as Chikanori of Hitachi by NTHK with certificate.
Description Very good example of end of Edo period well made Koshirae.Small dint on Saya otherwise excellent condition
Price $3465.00 Enquiries