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Fujishima Tomoshige Katana & Bishu Nobuie Daisho Koshirae

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Fujishima Tomoshige Katana & Bishu Nobuie Daisho Koshirae Fujishima Tomoshige Katana & Bishu Nobuie Daisho Koshirae
Length Tomoshige Katana Koshirae 98.5cm.Nobuie Wakizashi Koshirae is 79 cm.Blade Katana 68.8cm and Wakizashi is very long as 55cm.
Hamon (Temper) Tomoshige has Togariba type of Gonome well tempered. Nobuie showing large Notare.
Kitae Tomoshige forged in Itame and well forged. Nobuie has itame and mixed Mokume.
Era Tomoshige is Tenbun(1532-1554) Nobuie was forged during Kanei(1624-1643)
Fitting When this Daisho were found in Japan, blades were rusted and Koshirae in worn condition. Saya re-lacquered in black and repaired inside of Saya. Tsuka re-bounded and changed old Same. All fitting were re-used. All in set of Fuchi and Kashira, excellent Daisho Sukashi Tsuba and set of Menuki. Daisho Habaki was made by silver. All Koshirae are showing original Daisho fitting were made during mid Edo periods. Has been restored completely using original fittings.
Signature O-suriage Mumei Tomoshige and Ubu Mumei for Nobuie.
Description It is getting much harder to find original Daisho Koshirae and this is good example of Daisho was prepared for middle class up Samurai family.Pestored perfectly and fully polished with NTHK certificates.
Price $12600.00 Enquiries