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Koto Uda Group Muromachi Period Tanto

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Koto Uda Group Muromachi Period Tanto
Length Whole Shirasaya 44.0cm. Blade 28.8cm Mihaba (Moto 2.5cm Saki 1.9cn) Kasane (Moto 0.45cm Saki 0.4cm)
Hamon (Temper) Suguha and Gunome mixed. Typical Uda group Nioideki Hamon.
Kitae Mokume and Masame mixed. No flaws. No sign of hadaare by several polishing.
Era Early to middle of Muromachi periods (around 1450). It is quite an old blade.
Fitting Shirasaya with Sayagaki.
Description Blade kept very clean and in good condition for a blade that is over 500 years old. Fully polished. Good example of Muromachi.
Price $1320.00 Enquiries