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Shinkozakai Kanehisa Tanto

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Shinkozakai Kanehisa Tanto Shinkozakai Kanehisa Tanto
Length 29.8cm.Whole Koshirae 44.5cm.
Hamon (Temper) Chusuguha type of Notare nicely tempered.
Kitae O-mokume evenly spread and just like Koto Hada.
Era Keicho(1596-1614).Koto and Shinto character is mixed. This is good example of such a Tanto called Shinkozakai blade.
Fitting Perfect Tanto Koshirae with Tsuba is called Chiisagatana Tanto Koshrae. Antique fitting but it seems to be Tsuka was rebinded probably around WW2 periods.
Signature Signed as Kanehisa.
Description The blade is in Shirasaya and Koshirae has Tsunagi in it. It is cute well presented spotless Koshirae. The certificate was issued at 1970 by NBTHK.
Price $3850.00 Enquiries