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Jyumei Tanto

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Jyumei Tanto Jyumei Tanto
Length 21.5cm.Whole Koshirae 36.8cm.
Hamon (Temper) It looks like Chu-Suguha and Notare is mixed. But it is wavy Komidare under the right angle of light.
Kitae Very tight flowing Itame.
Era Ansei era(1854-1859)
Fitting Dashizame Tanto Koshirae and good clean original condition.Kozuka also made by Jyumei and Ho was signed as Jyumei Saku.
Signature Original Mumei.Appraised as Jyumei by NTHK with Certificate.
Description Jyumei from Mino.This is extremely good clean original condition for age.
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