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Kanetomo Koto Tanto

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Kanetomo Koto Tanto
Length Whole Koshirae is 51.5 cm. Blade is 38.8cm
Hamon (Temper) Notare mixed with large Gonome. Omote and Ura showing entirely different hamon just like another blade.
Kitae Flowwing even Itame and good Hada for age. No flaws
Era Tenbun (1532-1554)
Fitting Sickle inlaid design of quality set of Fuchi and Kashira. Drangon Design of Tusba and Kozuka. Also dragon painted on each side of Saya. These were arranged as set of design and this proves it is original Koshirae. Ho (blade of Kozuka) was made by Tsuda Echizen no Kami.
Signature Two characters as Kane Tomo
Description This is typical Minoden Koto Tanto and could be used as Wakizashi. NTHK Shinteisho certificate. Excellent condition overall.
Price $3500.00 Enquiries