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Shinto Sadayuki

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Shinto Sadayuki Shinto Sadayuki
Length Whole length 74.5cm.Blade length 54cm.Motohaba 3.1cm. Sakihaba 1.9cm.Sori 4 bu.Motokasane 0.9cm.
Hamon (Temper) Gunome-choji
Kitae Tight Koitame.One forging mark observed.
Era Manji(1658-1660)era
Fitting Solid Wakizashi Koshirae.Kozuka missing.Good tight binding. Well made quality of Fuchi and Kashira,Menuki.
Signature Fujiwara no Sadayuki
Description There is small chip on Monouchi.This blade been used at one point and must have been polished by professionaly, a long time ago. Someone has cleaned it up well after ww2 period and its in a good clean condition but not fully polished by Japanese Togishi.
Price $945.00 Enquiries