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Iyo Seiken Shinsakuto

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Length Whole Koshirae 110cm. Blade 72.2cm.Mihaba(Moto 3.3cm,Saki 2.6cm) Kasane(Moto 0.7cm,Saki0.6cm)
Hamon (Temper) Chusuguha and slight Notare
Kitae Tight perfect Koitame
Era Gendaito. Order made blade was made 1986
Fitting Silver Fuchi & Kashira,Middle of Edo period good quality Sukashi Tsuba,extremery strong Tsuka in black,black Saya
Signature Iyo Matsuyama jyu Seiken koreotsukuru(made by) Ou (requested by) Mr Sato Ryoichi,Showa 61 nen Sangatsu Kichijitsu
Description The late Mr Sato was one of top Iaido master in Japan. He ordered this blade as his personal quality Iaito as well as Kanshoto. His technique must be excellent to use this long blade as no sign of use. Only few minor scratch mark on Koiguchi.
Price $7350.00 Enquiries