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Satsuma Sue-Naminohira Tachi

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Satsuma Sue-Naminohira Tachi
Length Whole black Shirasaya 99.0cm. Blade 71.0cm.Mihaba( Moto 3.0cm Saki 1.8cm) Kasane( Moto 0.8cm Saki 0.6cm).Very strong Sori 10bu.
Hamon (Temper) Hoso Suguha and mix with Komidare
Kitae Iregular Ayasugi Hada.
Era Konaminohira group is recorded to start forging blades from Yoshinocho era (1334-). Blades can be observed under influence of Yamatoden and graceful Kyozori shape. Suenaminohira blades shows slight Koshizori like Bizen blade. This Tachi is observed slight Koshizori in shape and this is particular of Suenaminohira around Ooei era(1394-).
Fitting Unusual black Shirasaya fitting.
Signature Original Mumei,unsigned.
Description This Tachi belongs to temple minister who passed away few years back. It is still in clean original polish and never been polished after Edo ( end 1868) periods. Kitae shows strong Ayasugi hada which only 3 groups are known by this forging method. They are Gassan and Mogusa smiths who forges regular Ayasugi. The other is Satsuma Naminohira group. As their blades shows iregular Ayasugi like this blade, this is appraised as Suenaminohira group Tachi. To be able to observe all the forging system, it might need another professional polish however this is clean enough to enjoy such a old blade as it is now.
Price $5250.00 Enquiries