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Echizen Seki Shinto Katana

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Echizen Seki Shinto Katana
Length Whole Koshirae 98.0 cm. Blade 66.0 cm. Moto & Sakihaba 2.9 & 2.2cm.Moto & Sakikasane 0.7 & 0.5cm..
Hamon (Temper) Komidare mixed Chu-Suguha.
Kitae Clearly observed strong Itame.No visible flaws
Era Tenna era(1681-1883)
Fitting Restored completely both Saya and tsuka.Tsuka rebinded in Unohana(creamy white).Good quality Sukashi Tsuba.
Signature Mumei and shortened.
Description Typical Echizen Seki practical fighting sword. NTHK certificate Full Japanese polish.
Price $4200.00 Enquiries