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Yokoyama Suketaka Itomakino Tachi

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Yokoyama Suketaka Itomakino Tachi Yokoyama Suketaka Itomakino Tachi
Length Whole length 103cm.Blade 67.6cm.Sori 8bu.Mihaba 2.9cm and Motohaba 2.1cm. Motokasane 0.6cm and Sakikasane 0.5cm.
Hamon (Temper) Choji midare.
Kitae Itama without any flaws.
Era Keio era(1865-1868)
Fitting Original middle of Edo period well kept Tachi koshirae.Excellent condition for age.Separate certificate for Koshirae only by NBTHK.
Signature Original Mimei. Appraised as Bizen Suketaka with Certificate by NTHK.
Description There aren't many left in Tachi and blade both holds certificate by NBTHK and NTHK.
Price $10500.00 Enquiries