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Monjyu Shigekuni Shinto Katana

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Genuine Antique Japanese Swords Genuine Antique Japanese Swords
Length 69.4cm Sori 5 bu Mihaba 3.1cm-2.2cm Kasane 0.7cm
Hamon (Temper) Large Gunome type Koshiba nicely done and rest is Chu-suguha hotsure mixed with Nijyuba.
Kitae Tight Mokume.
Era Jyokyo(1684-1687)
Fitting Original Koshirae with beautiful fitting. Tsuka rebounded after WW2.Old Saya. Koshirae kept very well and excellent condition. Blade in separate old Shirasaya.
Signature Unsigned.Appraised as Monjyu Shigekuni of Kishu by NBTHK.
Description Influence from Yamato-den can be observed. Overall in excellent condition which has been looked after well. Full polish.
Price $8250 Enquiries