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Shinto Jyumei Katana

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Shinto Jyumei Katana Shinto Jyumei Katana
Length Whole Koshirae 98.5cm. Blade 68.5cm
Hamon (Temper) Slightly waved chu-suguha. There tempered large Gunome just above Habaki.
Kitae Flowing Itame well forged.
Era Tenna era(1681-1683)
Fitting Quality Fuchi,Kashira and Menuki.Graceful Sukashi Tsuba. Tsuka rebinded in black. Saya relacquered. Perfect condition.
Signature Original unsigned blade and appraised as Jyumei by NTHK with certificate.
Description The name of Jyumei means good long life and valued among Samurai society not only as personal sword but gift in special occassion.This is perfect condition Jyumei in Koshirae.The blade in well balanced graceful shape.
Price $6300.00 Enquiries