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Huge Shinshinto Jyumyo kyugunto Koshirae

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Shinshinto Jyumyo kyugunto Koshirae
Length Whole length 104.5cm blade 71.0cm Mihaba (Moto 3.3cm Saki 2.4cm) Kasane (Moto 0.8cm Saki o.65cm) Tsuka 21.5cm
Hamon (Temper) Gunome midare
Kitae Itame mixed with flowing Masame
Era Keio era (1865-1867)
Fitting Large D-guard Kyugunto Koshirae. Solid very good condition. Some part of Saya discoloured.
Signature Original Mumei,Appraised as Jyumyo by NTHK with certificate.
Description Weight 2.15kg. Heavy and long Kyugunto unusual for short height of Japanese officer.
Price AU$5775.00 Enquiries