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WW2 Naval Officers Sword

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WW2 Naval Officers Sword
Length Whole length 99.5cm.Blade 65.7cm.Sori 7 Bu. Motohaba 3.5cm. Sakihaba 2.4cm.
Hamon (Temper) Chu-Suguha type.
Kitae Not visible.
Era 1943-1945.
Fitting Kaigun Gunto Koshirae.
Signature Unsigned.
Description Found as it is in Japan. Greased over the blade and hidden away since WW2. Slight stain around Monouchi may have cut something. Part of joint of Saya little loose. One of Semekanamono (ring on Saya) was missing and replaced. Very solid heavy blade. Good example of late War Kaigunto.
Price $1785.00 Enquiries