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Kanenaga Gendaito

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Kanenaga Gendaito
Length Whole Length 97.5cm.Blade 68.5cm.Sakihaba 2.3cm.Motohaba 3.3cm.Sakikasane 0.5cm.Motokasane 0.9cm.Sori 6bu.
Hamon (Temper) Chu-Suguha
Kitae This blade properly forged traditional way but used imported anticorrosive steel. Very tight Jihada to tell what type.No Kizu and perfect condition after over 70 years.
Era Gendaito
Fitting In Shirasaya. Habaki was made by wood as a part of Tsuka.
Signature Tachimei.Tenshozan Fijiwara Kanenaga motte Taiseiko Koreotsukuru.Showa Jyusan nen(1938) August.
Description Demand of Gunto increased rapidly around Japan and China War. Due to shortage of good material steel in Japan swordsmith's such as Kamenaga, who were called as Father of Mino Gendai Smith then, was instructed by military government to forge blade using imported steel as experiment. This is one of very rare example of experimental blade by Kanenaga and for some reason never been used since. I found this is Japan just recently. Blade was covered by grease which has been dried. This is original polish after grease washed off. Good polish condition overall. History written on Shirasaya as Sayagaki.
Price $2625.00 Enquiries