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Echizen Seki Wakizashi Army Gunto

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Echizen Seki Wakizashi Army Gunto
Length Whole Koshirae 96cm.Blade 53.5cm.Kasane Habakimoto 0.6cm Yokote 0.4cm.Motohaba 2.6cm.Sakihaba 1.9cm.
Hamon (Temper) Gunome.
Kitae Mokume without any flaws.
Era Tenna era(1681-1683)
Fitting Type98 Gunto Koshirae.Japanese officer newly made this gunto and was about to go to war.Just before he left Japan,war was over.This gunto never been used and kept hiding more than half century.Amazingly it looks like brand new condition was made just few days ago.Extremely rare in this condition.
Signature Suriage Mumei.This blade was once used as Kyugunto Koshirae for Japan and Russian war around 1900.The shape of Nakago appears to be shaped to fit into Kyugunto Tsuka.
Description Certificate by NTHK.Both Koshirae and blade are perfect condition.
Price $4200.00 Enquiries