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Suenio Koto Wakizashi Kaigun-to

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Suenio Koto Wakizashi Kaigun-to Suenio Koto Wakizashi Kaigun-to
Length Gunto Koshirae 90.5cm. Shirasaya 79.0cm. Blade 57.5cm.Motohaba 2.8cm.Sakihaba 2.5cm.Motokasane 0.75cm.Sakikasane 0.5cm.
Hamon (Temper) Well done straight Suguha
Kitae Koitame and masame mixed.Very tight forging without any forging mark.
Era Tensho era(1573-1591)
Fitting Kaigun Gunto Koshirae.This is typical example this Koshirae obviously was made toward end of WW2 as showing shortage of arsenal issue materials.All original.
Signature Suriage Mumei.
Description Fully polished in Japan with NTHK certificate.
Price $3150.00 Enquiries