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Kyu-Gunto General Officer's Sword

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Kyu-Gunto General Officer's Sword
Length Whole Gunto is 95cm in length.Blade is 61.5cm.
Hamon (Temper) Chusuguha type of Notare and Gunome mixed.
Kitae Ko-mokume.
Era Kyu-Gunto Koshirae should be around 1900 era. Blade is Kanbun (1661-1672)
Fitting Excellent condition Kyu-Gunto.Blade in separate Shirasaya.
Signature Signed as Uda Kunimune saku.
Description The backstrap of this Gunto is fully decorated.The metal Saya has been re-nickeled some stage.
Price $4200.00 Enquiries